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As a Data Business Analyst, I specialize in utilizing technology to optimize business operations in product specialization, sales, and logistics. With experience working with both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, I possess a strong skill set in data administration, problem-solving, data warehousing, and organization. Outside of work, I enjoy collecting data on dining preferences and yoga classes, analyzing trends and making informed decisions.

"Empowering choices through the clarity of data: guiding decisions one insight at a time."

Six Phases of Google's Data Analysis


To start the project, ask relevant questions and collaborate with key stakeholders, including leaders and managers who are invested in the project's outcome.

Some questions asked included: What is the problem to solve? How can these insights drive business decisions? Does the data ROCCC?


Gather the relevant data needed to answer the research question or test the hypothesis. This involves identifying the data sources, collecting or accessing the data, and ensuring data quality and reliability.


In this phase, data is gathered, collected, and cleaned to ensure its quality and suitability for analysis. Data preprocessing tasks such as data cleaning, transformation, and integration are performed.


It involves exploring the data, applying techniques, and conducting various analyses to identify patterns, relationships, and meaningful insights. The Analyze phase plays a crucial role in transforming raw data into actionable information that can drive decision-making and business strategies.


The share phase is crucial for data analysis to have a meaningful impact. It enables stakeholders to understand the findings, make informed decisions, and potentially drive changes or optimizations in business strategies based on the insights gained from the data analysis process.


The final phase focuses on effectively communicating the findings and insights to stakeholders through visualizations, reports, or presentations. The goal is to ensure the information is clear, understandable, and actionable.